About Me

Hey there my name is Anahy Perales. I come from a single-parent household and am the youngest of my 3 siblings. I was born in Orange County but lived in Oregon and Mexico for a while until me and my mom settled in Old Magalia with my stepdad at age 3. I had the privilege of growing up in the US, obtaining my high school diploma as well as being a first generation college student.

I chose Chico because it was close to home. I’m currently a sophmore majoring in Social Work with a minor in Spanish.  Here in Chico I’ve grown up so much more. When I first came here I was still a quiet, shy, good girl but by the time I actually started getting into programs that pushed me a bit out of comfort zone I began to be more sociable. Now I see myself as a kind, open-minded and sometimes quiet girl. At Chico State I learned that my passion to help people  “”


Three things I can’t live a day without is family, friends and music.


Re-Chartering of Eta Psi Chapter 05.02.15


I have a passion for helping others which may be why I’m studying to become a social worker and why I’m also involved in a co-ed service fraternity called Alpha Phi Omega, Eta Psi here on campus! Joining this fraternity has made such an impact in my life. When I joined Alpha Phi Omega we were just a petitioning group facing many internal issues. I ended up stepping up and becoming our chapters Treasurer in Fall 2014. I had no clue what I was doing but with lots of help from advisors and alumni I was able to do my job efficiently. Apart from this fraternity being service based it also focuses on developing leadership skills as well as building a strong bond with our fellow brothers and sisters.


Other passions I have are traveling, be outdoors and raving.

There’s this saying that says: Live the life you love, Love the life you live. I try my best to live by that cause why live an unhappy and infulfilling life?



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