Month: April 2015

Progress-Week 4

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This week I’ve made tons of progress, I’ve printed out photos and have atleast everypage with information as well as photos I’m going to include. What I will need to start is doing my final draft which will  be in color not black and white like it is right now. I also need to make sure the information each page has is gramaticly okay as well as understandable. I think I’m doing a good job but by Monday I will have all those little things done so I can actually start on the Final Draft.


Progress-Week 3

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ahhh Rough draft deadline is almost here! D:

So in today’s workshop I’ve noticed what I need to accomplish. For my paper, I know  I can do a better job on the back ground and research portion so I’m going to have to go back and work on that. I have a set idea/sketch of how I’m going to do my zine. I have 2 pages all done, 1 in progress and 2 more to be done. I have potential photos and information I want on all the pages I just have to sit down and just go for it and finish it.

What I ended up doing was going back to my paper and looking at the background and research portion. I started to re look at my sources and try to find more ‘reliable’ sources for the wikipedia ones but that took me to a book that intrigued me and well now I’m reading it, haha. As I was looking at the chapters I noticed that I could use some of these in my research since it has a bit of every section I had written about- so it’s PERFECT! Plus it’s really interesting and knowing me I’ll probably have this book read by, by atleast saturday afternoon… (:
Now I’m more motivated 😀

Progress-Week 2

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So today I wasn’t able to get much done. Laptop was freezing up a bit and I had to refresh it a couple of times.

But  I was looking up articles about the positives and negatives of how ’50 Shades of Grey’ was portrayed.  I found atleast 3 (good) negative ones and 1 (good) positive one. I have an idea of how I want it to be on the zine. I sketched some formats on how I want it to be on the zine.  Next I’m going to go get atleast one more positive article and put those into the zine and kinda have the articles have a conversation (if i can, atleast).