I decided to make a zine in order to successfully


I’m not sure what I believe is my “best” writing of this semester.


I hope my audience was able to understand that 


I’m still not very fond of WordPress and maybe it’s because I know a limited amount since this semester was the first time I had used this site. I liked how

I love creating things and making my own style out of it and I was able to kind of do that with the site but it

There were many challenges I faced but the one I had most trouble with was correctly saving my work on the website. Oh lord, if I hadn’t previously done it on a word document I would have had to redo it again and that was a pain in my ass since I had to do it at least 4 times. Another challenge I faced was figuring out how to use WordPress. Sometimes I’m very persistent on how things look so if I don’t like it I’m stuck trying to get it to look my way or else I’m not content with it. For example, I probably spent almost an hour trying to figure out how to organize my tabs in the correct order as well as getting my blogs to only show up on my blogs tab. It took a while but I was able to conquer that challenge.



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